I managed to upset the Chi Running community…

By Craig Payne,

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…I get the impression that they don’t like me!

All because I called them out on the stuff that those that promote it make up and wish it was true (the wishful thinking fallacy). They really do. you only need to read some of the Chi running books and look at their websites and then play a game of ‘spot the fallacies’. I used to do it with my students. I would never bias them, but they soon worked out the problems with no help from me.

Like any cult, they have the same characteristics and are so blinded by their faith that they can not see it.

I have nothing against Chi running. There are aspects of it that are good. The only problem I have are the nonsensical unsubstantiated claims that they make up to support it. I was simply calling them out on that. You see them attack me for what I say and not once address what I calling them put on (that on its own speaks volumes).

It started with this thread on Podiatry Arena, then my review of their manifesto, Chi marathon, and then this post on Running Research Junkie.

Put your critical thinking hat on and read what I say and they say.

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