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My first website, Podiatry Arena, started in August 2004. Podiatry Arena has now grown into the most visited podiatry related site on the web. Since starting that site I have set up and acquired other websites, some of which are not yet ready for advertising.

The advertising I can offer is somewhat unique in that

  • it can be targeted at Podiatrists or at the consumer.
  • it can be geotargeted, in that the advert only shows in the geographic region you want it to show in (you do not pay for people to see your advert in regions you do not sell into)
  • you only pay for impressions, in that the advertising rate is set per time that it is shown (you do not waste money on somehing that you may or may not be getting)
  • it goes into a rotation with other advertisements, so helping with the problem of banner blindness
  • packages can be tailored for any budget

Various packages are available and some of them also include the newsletters that I manage.

Special packages are also available to advertise any employment positions that you have vacant and also to promote your conference.

I have set up a seperate website that brings together all the advertising packages and rates (and, of course, I always happy to do a special deal if you have some special or unique requirements.)

Please visit PodVertise Online for more information. See some of the geotargeted adverts in the rotation below and how they change if you refresh the page: