Boot Camp

The Clinical Biomechanics Boot Camp is a 2 day seminar that I have been running since 2009. It has been held in many different cities and countries (see the previous dates). The Boot Camp aims to cover the latest concepts theories and research on foot biomechanics and foot orthotics. The content is always evolving to keep it fresh, timely and elevant to clinical practice.

More can be seen on the Boot Camp website and in the Podiatry Arena threads on the Boot Camps.

While the current focus is to move the content online via my Podiatry CPD Academy, I can still conduct the Boot Camps in cities if there is enough interest. Typically I need a dozen or so participants to go ahead with one. If you are interested, please contact me and we can talk about options.

"South Africa .. has just enjoyed one of Craig's Boot Camps! ... we had 2 days of mind-bending information and interaction... But you know what? It works! I think Craig has possibly found a treatment for the intellectual constipation that we often suffer from in private practice....There is no doubt that whatever your level of podiatric biomechanical expertise the Boot Camp is a must do." Andrew Clarke (link)

"Seriously, I had so many "but of course!" moments whilst attending the boot camp, I too would be "surprised if you don't learn anything new that can't be applied clinically." This is, of course, due to Craigs willingness to openly question his own, and others, past and current ideas. The general consensus was that the excitement of developing new thoughts and applying them in practice is quite contagious!" Belinda


"I had high expectations from the man himself and he certainly did not dissappoint! A very enjoyable and informative two days!" Robert

"Great 2 days thanks Craig for giving me SUCH a headache" Derek

"a great 2 days, in which you leave knowing less than when you arrived. . . but in a good way" Ian