Look After WP

I run a number of websites that use WordPress as the content management system. WordPress is used for approximately 25% of the websites on the internet including this one. My two main blogs (Running Research Junkie and Its a Foot, Captain) are on WordPress. I have a number of other websites based on it, including the wife's clinic, Croydon Total Footcare. When you have any more than a few websites managing problems can suddenly become a problem. There are nasty people out there that want to do nasty things to websites. Monitoring and responding to that takes up time; so does recovering websites from being hacked. As WordPress is the basis for so many websites, it is a target.

So I set about setting up a single control panel to monitor all my WordPress sites from. Traffic patterns, nasty intrusions and many more things are monitored. Any software and plugin or add-on updates are instantly notified and acted on; vulnerabilities are acted on as soon as they are identified. The speed of loading of websites are monitored and improved. Back-ups are done daily or weekly and stored in the cloud. A whole lot of other things are done from my control panel. Monitoring and action are outsourced, so I can now focus on the actual content of the websites rather and worrying about and dealing with the problems.

I have now opened up the service to paying customers who can have their WordPress websites monitored, protected and improved by the same team that look after my websites. Currently we are managing and protecting over 80 websites. See Look After WP for more.