SEO stands for 'search engine optimisation'; it is something I have been doing since I started my first website a very long time ago. It is something I had to do, as where do you think most websites get most of their visitors from? I have gained a lot of experiences and knowledge on how to do it and work with some talented outsourcers when I need to. I got good at it.

If you have a website for your podiatry clinic, then what is the point if it cannot be found in the search engines? If it can't be found, then you are not getting the full value from having a website. Have a look at this graphic when searching for my wife's clinic, Croydon Total Footcare:

It did not rank first in the local search results nor first in the organic search results by accident. It got there via best practice SEO. 

I have packaged, in conjunction with the team I work with, a SEO service specifically aimed at podiatry clinic websites. Using the inside knowledge that I have of the podiatry online ecosystem, I can certainly offer something that others cannot in helping your podiatry clinic website rank higher in the local and organic search results. That is the 'secret sauce'.

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